Establishments We Support

Our staff work in and provide support for a variety of healthcare settings ranging from Nursing Homes, Residential Homes, Hospitals, Hospices and Respite Care Centres.

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We understand help just as you need it.

How We Deliver Our Services

The process of offering a care service to an establishment begins with one of the Management Team visiting the establishment to gain all the information we need to supply the appropriate staff to best meet the needs of the establishment and the service users within.

We will introduce you to how we work and our policies and procedures which ensure the highest standards of care are delivered by our staff. We will also explain our day-to-day administration processes.

Our team will work within your team and to high standards at all times and will care for and support the service users within your establishment to the best of their ability.

Our staff will not support poor practice and will report this to the management team of the establishment as well as to the management team at Purple Balm.