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Newton Abbot Carer of the Month – Laura Commerford
January 17, 2019
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June 12, 2019

We asked our Purple Balm team some questions to find out why they enjoy working in care and for our company.
This has given us great insight not only for our business for people considering a career in care.

1Why did you get in to care?
I had worked for the NHS and Social Services for many years and really wanted a change in direction. I knew that I enjoyed working with different people and felt that domiciliary care would give me that chance, plus the opportunity to develop various 1:1 skills.
2What has surprised you about working in care?
Probably how much I enjoyed it! I meet some very lovely people and although there are some sad moments, there is also a huge amount of laughter involved in helping people with their lives. It surprised me how much I personally gained from being a carer, as well as how much I could put into it.
3What are the misconceptions?
That it’s basically “clearing up mess”, to put it mildly! In fact, the amount of personal care was only a small part of the work and you just don’t tend to be bothered when you are helping people that you care for. There are so many other aspects to the job and the vast variety of work is something that I really enjoy.
4What have you found difficult in your daily routine?
Dealing with the traffic/ roadworks/ traffic lights in Exeter at certain times of the day! It can be hard to leave a client when you know that they are not well, are low in mood or may not see anyone else until the next day but part of the skill of being a good carer is being able to provide reassurance and have the adaptability to deal with many situations.
5What makes your job rewarding?
The knowledge that you are able to help and make a difference to the lives of other people. Clients are often simply not people that you would have otherwise met. So, you have the opportunity to meet and talk with many different types of people, from all walks of life and they all add something to your own life.
6What do you think everyone should know before starting a career in care?
Perhaps that it’s not just a job. I think good carers need to be adaptable, caring, be able to chat about lots of different subjects…and have a good sense of humour!
7Why do you enjoy working at Purple Balm?
I enjoy the people – staff and clients. I also very much liked the idea of working for a relatively small, family business rather than a faceless, national organisation – it’s local people looking after local people.