Purple Balm increase Young Adult & Children Services in Devon

Q & A with our team
April 23, 2019
Q & A with Sarah Warner – Our Clinical Field Supervisor
August 8, 2019

Purple Balm was founded in 2006, predominantly to carry out care for children’s services, residential care and domiciliary clients. The company has grown over the last five years and is now in a position to offer even further support in the young adult and children services.

There has been a significant rise in the local area with vulnerable people of all ages requiring a range of support including enabling, assistance in access to the community and any other goals required. Purple Balm are helping local governments and charities with this care and have appointed Lee Tobin to manage the young adults sector throughout Devon.

Lee Tobin, Children and Young Adults Service Manager, said, “Purple Balm has a passion for supporting young adults and children within the community. Especially, in the period where the young adults are transferring to the adult services, being able to provide a continuity and consistency for those young people is imperative for their mental health. I personally find working with children / young adults is inspirational as many pass forward the care and support to other vulnerable young people in their area. It’s also a way to support people with their aspirations, help them to live happily in our community and also ultimately reduce the demands on the local authorities.”

We have recently starting a care package with a young adult who lives in a local charity in Exeter. We support her with a therapy program and to encourage healthy eating alongside mental health support. We are keen to work with local charities to support them in the crucial service that they provide.