Q & A with Sarah Warner – Our Clinical Field Supervisor

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June 12, 2019
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September 12, 2019

We asked Sarah Warner, our Clinical Field Supervisor in Plymouth, some questions to find out why they enjoy working in care and for our company.
This has given us great insight not only for our business for people considering a career in care.

1Why did you get in to care?
My youngest daughter was born with a severe bilateral cleft lip & palate. I spent many a month in various hospital settings. I needed to deal with HCP’s & consultants & surgeons of various disciplines about my daughters care & many procedures. I spoke at the post graduate theatre at DGH to sonographers, matrons, midwifes etc; as parents were being offered late stage abortions if a scan revealed their unborn child had a cleft. This in part occurred as the sonographers were informing them their unborn child would be disabled. I wanted to make a change to attitude to difference & identity. So I left the M.O.D took a five year career break, volunteered in various care & community services & started my NVQ’s.
2What has surprised you about working in care?
Some people don’t actually care.
3What are the misconceptions?
It's easy work and that you don’t get upset or frustrated.
4What have you found difficult in your daily routine?
There are several areas I find difficult including: angry relatives with unrealistic expectations; the injustice of the whole system towards the vulnerable & frail; why some people are dealt the most rotten hand in life and seeing people in so much pain & suffering.
5What makes your job rewarding?
Making a difference to someone, however small, whom otherwise is alone . Forging good relations with the whole team. Sharing knowledge & vice-versa.
6What do you think everyone should know before starting a career in care?
It’s a vocation not a job: - You can’t fix everyone - Some people are not very nice - There are unsociable hours 24/7 365 days a year - Once you start a role in care, its additive & rewarding - A humbling experience to see how people manage behind closed doors
7Why do you enjoy working at Purple Balm?
The team I work with in Plymouth are amazing. The support is great. The carers domiciliary & clinical are so flexible. Its feels good to share knowledge & experience. The clinical training given to the carers is brilliant