COVID-19 Update

Purple Balm require a Registered Paediatric Nurse
March 9, 2020

We wanted to update our clients on the current situation regarding the presumed (as this is an evolving situation) management of Purple Balm’s services.

Every client is ‘ragged rated’ green, amber or red. This means that the level of someone’s needs and the provision of family or loved ones to provide that support in an emergency will determine their rag rating. The councils have recently updated this in line with Covid 19 to:

Green – you may not receive a visit but will receive a welfare check phone call

Amber – you may receive a visit. If not you will receive a welfare check phone call

Red – you will receive a visit unless you have symptoms of Covid 19 as shown in the enclosed poster. It is highly likely that if this is the case you will be admitted to hospital.

We have notified our clients with their rag rating and any questions in relation to this please contact the office.

Of course we will endeavour to continue with your planned visits and this is part of our contingency plan only.

If we are unable to visit our client(s) because of either staff sickness or self-isolation we will contact as soon as we know. There will be a visit from carers or office staff (who have care experience) that clients have never met before however they will all have their ID badges.

Visit times may also change as those who require time specific visits (for example due to special medication) will take those priority time-slots. If it is foreseen that clients visit time will change by more than the contracted 15 minutes or the carer has been changed we will notify our clients.

All carers have been sent memos reminding them of the importance of hand hygiene and the importance of washing their hands before and after glove removal. Like the rest of the country we have been unable to replenish our hand sanitiser stock so carers have been told to use more gloves than usual. Where they would normally using hand gel they will use extra gloves, this will include medication administration and food preparation and opening and closing the door when they leave.

For any more queries, please contact us either via our online form here or call 01392 466777