Supporting Children

Purple Balm provide twenty-four hour nursing, care and support to meet the needs of children and help to support their families on a tailored one-to-one basis.

Our services are designed to care and support children who have physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, have learning disabilities or complex care needs including behavioural issues.

Some of the children we support find it difficult to attend to their own personal care needs or their family may need practical domestic support such as cooking, cleaning or ironing. Some children just need support after school, at weekends and during school holidays so that they can go out, away from their family and home, to give the child and their family a break.

Our care starts with a full assessment of the child’s needs undertaken by one of Purple Balm’s management team. An appropriate package of care is then planned and delivered to meet the needs of both the child and the family. The planning process includes a full risk assessment of the child and their environment.

We provide services to both public and private sectors and to those on direct payments.

  • Ms SO
    My carer is brilliant, doing as much as possible and knows when I am feeling down all struggling more than usual.
    Ms SO
  • Mrs JK
    I am very happy with Purple Balm and would recommend you. You are doing a brilliant job.
    Mrs JK
  • Mr PS
    The office staff are really easy to talk to
    Mr PS
  • The Purple Balm carers were very caring and compassionate as well as patient with my family members.
  • Mrs S D
    We really do appreciate everything that you and the team have done, it was a difficult situation. You have been an excellent agency and I would happily recommend you.  
    Mrs S D
  • Mrs BH
    Very good service and flexible when additional visits are needed
    Mrs BH
  • Mr K
    Your support, messages and kindness have been so moving and have helped me to get over my sad loss. I have been really touched by your understanding.
    Mr K
  • Mr H
    Sincere thanks for all you have done, and please extend our heartfelt thanks to all of those carers who have been involved in my Mum's care.  
    Mr H
  • Mrs D
    I would like to take this opportunity of informing you, how pleased we are with Francesca who cares for mum daily. Her bright, cheerful manner certainly brings some joy to my mum as her health is deteriorating and I am sure, seeing Francesca every day, certainly has a positive effect on mum. ''Well done Fran''
    Mrs D

We appreciate that everyone can benefit from different levels of support at different times in their lives; some on a one-off basis and some more regularly from the occasional hour to 24 hours to live-in. And everyone is different which is why Purple Balm offers you a completely personalised service.

Hands on management and the proper policies and processes in place ensure the highest standards of care are delivered to you.
Purple Balm is regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission (read the latest report for Exeter). Purple Balm is also registered with Devon County Council and is a member of UK Home Care Association.

We adhere strictly to statutory requirements for operating a nursing agency. Enhanced Criminal Records checks (DBS) checks are carried out on all staff.
It is critical to us that whatever services our staff provide, they share our fundamental commitment to treating all our clients individually and with respect and sensitivity. We place great emphasis on this in our recruitment process and training programme. All staff have a thorough five day induction programme and undertake mandatory annual update training.

We believe that matching staff skills with our clients’ needs is essential to providing the care that is needed. Wherever possible, we match interests and ideals, respecting each individual’s particular preferences, culture and interests.
Purple Balm can be contacted every day of the year. Your calls will be answered by experienced, friendly and carefully trained members of our team who will ensure that your enquiries and requests are dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.

Managed Services

The local authority will organise and pay for your services on your behalf. Social Services will have prepared a Support Plan following your assessment. This plan will set out what services you will receive, how and when these are to be delivered. You should agree to this plan before services are put in place. The Support Plan will be passed to the provider who will deliver your services. The provider will be one of a number of providers who has been approved to deliver services in your area.

Individual Service Funds (ISFs)

This option gives you more control over how your services are delivered. The local authority will help you to select a provider and then set up an agreement between yourself, social services and the provider. The agreement will give an indication of the types of services you are eligible to receive. You and your provider will then work out how, when and where these services are to be delivered.

The authority will pay the provider for your services on a regular basis. The provider than manages the money to deliver those services and has to report to you and the council to show how the money has been used. ISFs allow you and your provider to be more flexible.

If you are feeling well one day and want to reduce the amount of support you get you can arrange to do this with this provider, you do not need to arrange it through social services. You can then ‘bank’ the time/money for another day when you are feeling unwell or when you know you will require a little more support.

Direct Payments

Direct Payments will also give you greater choice over decisions about who cares for you and how your money is spent. If you take a Direct Payment you will receive the money that social services would have spent managing your service or that would have gone to a provider as an ISF.

You manage this money yourself however you must account for the money you spend and evidence to social services that you are using the money to meet your eligible care needs. If you take a Direct Payment you can choose who you want to be your care worker and employ them directly yourself. Or you can choose to do something else with your money such as take part in a local arts group, as long as it meets your care needs.

With a Direct Payment you do have to manage and account for your own finances. If you choose to employ your own Care Worker you will become an employer and certain rules and laws will apply. However you can get support from your local direct payments support service – your local authority will be able to provide details. You should also be aware that certain criteria need to be met to qualify for Direct Payments.

Your local authority social services department should be able to help and advise you further: you can find details of your local social services department here.

For more information about paying for care: